How to Manage Multiple Discord Accounts using Incogniton and Ping Proxies

A step-by-step guide on using Incogniton and Ping Proxies to manage your multiple Discord accounts.

What is Incogniton?

Incogniton is an anti-detect browser that allows you to manage unlimited virtual profiles to be able to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.
You can download the software with the link below:

What are the Benefits of Incogniton?

  • Not only can you set up your profiles for your individualized purposes, but you can also collaborate with a team such as your colleagues in your work - you are able to create team members with separate logins and assign them roles with specific permissions on their accounts.
  • Utilize the Cookie Collector tool as social media platforms, and most other websites, can and will identify the cookies present in the browser profile. If there are no cookies present they are more likely to identify your login as striking which will not happen if there's browser history already loaded onto the browser. Check out Incogniton's Cookie Collector guide if you need more details and help on how to use this.
  • There's no need to create a fingerprint within these profiles as Incoginton has an automatic Fingerprint Generator that will do this for you.
  • You can also create Bulk Profiles to save time instead of creating one after the other to save you time. Once you click Create Bulk a window will pop up and you need to enter the names of the settings you would like to change within these different profiles - here's Incogniton's Bulk Create Guide for a step-by-step guide to utilizing this tool.

What is Discord?

Discord is a rapidly growing social media platform with 150 million active users every month which is up nearly 100 million from 2019 - this increase in size was helped by the pandemic.
Although Discord rose to popularity through video gamers, it's now used for a variety of reasons such as work, TV shows and pop culture, sports, homework, and even dating.

What are the Benefits of Discord?

Discord is a great communication tool where you can share servers with like-minded people where you can engage in online messaging, calls, and game together. One great benefit of Discord is there is no algorithm trying to point you in directions to new servers - you are only shown servers you have joined yourself or been invited to by friends or colleagues. You can chat in servers, DMs, or GDMs (Group Direct Messages), Discord is entirely driven by your own interests and tailored to however you want to communicate.

Why would you need multiple Discord accounts and How Can Incogniton Help?

You may begin to want more than one Discord account in order to manage your different interests accordingly, for example: to have a different username that describes your online persona more accurately, a good way to keep your hobbies and servers separate, or if you don't want your friends from one account seeing your presence in other servers.
Multiple accounts can be especially useful for working. For example, if you are a Social Media Manager and need loads of Discord accounts to track activity this will be essential. In order to prevent accounts from being banned or flagged as spam, you will need to integrate your Ping Proxies to your Incogniton profiles. This is one of the main benefits of Incogniton - as being marked as spam on Discord accounts can halt your progress and track the data you are collecting. Read on to find out how to do this.

Why do you need to integrate Ping Proxies?

Our proxies will add an extra level of security to your accounts due to acting as an intermediary between your computer and Discord - this will allow your IP address to be masked which is beneficial as too many requests/Discord accounts coming from the same IP address will result in bans for these accounts as they will be thought to be spam. Therefore, inserting a different proxy in every account is the best way to prevent this from occurring.
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Creating a Discord Account

Discord Sign Up Page
Signing up is simple. Just head over to the Discord registration page and enter your email, username, password, and date of birth - repeat this for however many accounts you would like but remember, you will need a unique email address for each.

Why use Incogniton to Manage your Multiple Discord Accounts?

Using your regular browser without a specialized tool like Incoginton is possible, but it will be annoying and time-consuming for you.
Without using Incogniton, to switch between your accounts you will need to log in and out of your account each time you'd like to change accounts - and this can become frustrating instead of just switching tabs. This is especially helpful if you want to use different accounts simultaneously.

Managing your Discord Accounts with Incogniton

Creating a Single Profile on Incogniton.
Before creating a profile on Incogniton, it will be helpful to create a group for Discord on the software, this can be done by clicking the Groups section on the home page.
After clicking this simply create a group and give it a name like 'Discord' for your help. Once you have got your group ready, now it's time to create your Incogniton user profiles.
Naming your new Incogniton profile.
Then click Create Single on the homepage and name your profile and ensure you assign it to your newly created Discord Group.
Entering your Ping Proxies' details on Incogniton
Below the overview page where you created your profile, click Proxy to add your Ping Proxies to your profile.
As all Ping Proxies packages use HTTP protocol and support HTTP/S for easy integration, ensure you select HTTP proxy under the Connection type drop-down menu.
Next just enter your proxy, username, and password and click Check Proxy to make sure your Incognito profile has connected to your Ping Proxies successfully.

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Incogniton has different options depending on how many profiles you need:
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Final Thoughts

Once you have connected your Ping Proxies to your Incogniton Profiles there are further settings you can alter, check out our detailed documentation for more information and instructions on these settings.
Once you have completed these steps, all you need to do is repeat them for however many accounts you need on Discord..unless, of course, you utilize the Bulk Create tool on Incogniton!